7 Right Things To Go By – Essential Copywriting Tips

7 Right Things To Go By – Essential Copywriting Tips

7 Essential Copywriting Tips

Knowing how, when and where to start when you are a novice copywriter may be a tad bit tricky. With all the ideas you have flowing throughout the creative process, you might feel like your initiative sounds like it is a little too much or a little too less.

The key to producing quality copywriting pieces lies in recognising the purpose of your piece, especially when it comes to the content, tone and the sense of direction of your writing. Recognising your purpose, in this context, means to get a clear picture of why, what and whom you are writing for.

Generally, every time a writer has an idea of a topic they are assigned to write about, the momentum of their writing is accompanied by both spontaneity and the element of visualisation. That, however, will not necessarily be the case in this copywriting tips guide.

Copywriters, mostly, are expected to pen down pieces that sells products, services or both. If you are familiar with creative writing, the process and procedures which goes into copywriting just might catch you a little off-guard. Here are some handy copywriting tips you will be needing if you’re thinking of kick-starting a copywriting routine.

#1 Know Your Target Audience!

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Let us start with the basics; who are you writing for? Every time a copywriter gets assigned to a project, it is extremely important for them to know who they are selling the mentioned products and services to. Those on the receiving, or in this case, reading end of the writing are often referred to as your target audience.

The key to crafting your intonation and style of writing so it appeals to your readers, is to figure out what keeps them interested and going. From their age group to their location and in some cases, even their everyday conversational slang; a copywriter’s job is to recognise the little details that make up the designated audience.

These details will not only give you a clear picture of who you’re convincing in your writing but will also help develop a sense of confidence in your style of writing. When you know whom you are writing for, you will automatically know how to say what you are supposed to say in your piece.


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So now that you have identified your target audience and their demographics, what’s next? This is where it gets a little more technical than it usually does for, say, creative writers; research, research, research! Lots of it!

In order for you to be able to convince your now familiar target audience, you will have to know what you are pitching. As a copywriter, you will have to be equipped with the information of the product or service you are selling.

Without adequate information, it will be almost impossible for you to convince your target audience to invest in the said product or service regardless of your creative flair. Always remember to fact-check and stay in touch with the possibly evolving details of the product or service you’re writing on. In simpler words, stay current!

#3 Keep It Simple!

copywriting tips - keep it simple

Based on all the relevant and, better yet, additional information you’ve gathered, you will then move on to stringing your words together.

Of all the listed copywriting tips, keeping up with this one can be a little challenging for a fresh copywriter. The art of finding the balance between informing and intriguing your readers lies in simplicity.

Always keep in mind that your readers are here for the product or service but will most likely stay for the way you convey the information about the said product or service. So keep it simple!

Layman terms, short sentences and paragraph breaks are some of the most important elements you will have to take into consideration as you’re writing.

#4 Keep Your Grammar In Check!

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Out of all of the provided copywriting tips, correct grammar usage is also, undoubtedly, a huge deal when it comes to crafting your copy. Your work represents the brand you’re writing for to a fair extent. If you fail to appear professional in your writing, nobody is going to take your content seriously.

Think of the right usage of punctuation as the checkpoints you anticipate throughout a road trip. You may find it unnecessary, but it will only end up tiring your readers considering the fact that they might get pretty lost halfway through the article as they would be clueless on when and where to pause in between words. Design a light and easy flow using punctuations so your piece won’t be a hassle to your target audience.

Besides the intonation you are setting, the correct usage of punctuation marks will also determine the readability of your writing. The better you are with punctuations, the easier it will be to have the audience anticipate what you are saying next. Keep the transition between points seamless so you don’t end up catching your readers off-guard!

#5 Strategise Your Content; Highlight The Main Points!

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Speaking of points, that brings you to the next factor which you should highly take into consideration; content strategy. Since you already know who you are writing for, what you are writing for and how you are writing it, it would be extremely effective for you to remind yourself from time to time as to why you are writing a certain piece. This is to avoid you from straying off topic.

Your responsibility as a copywriter is to convey information to your readers, but what happens when there is an influx of information that you will have to address in your writing?

How do you manage your content in a way where it does not overwhelm your readers?

Strategise your content structure by highlighting the main points.

For an example, if you are talking about makeup, some of the points you may want to highlight would be the formula, contents and the amount that comes with the product.

Yes, the variety of range matters but your readers are already capable of extracting that information through the visuals of the beauty product.

#6 Spend Some Time On Your Headlines!


Another element of your writing which will draw the interest and focus of your readers, would be the headlines that you craft for your writings. This is where you get to be as creative as you want to! Since your article will be an informative piece, the headline may be as catchy as you want it to be!

Think of headlines as your article’s attention-getter. When you swear by these copywriting tips and learn how to master the art of integrating your priority keywords into a fun headline, you automatically make your piece an SEO-friendly one! This will guarantee your writing piece a stronger sense of visibility and higher rankings across search engines!

#7 Proofread One, Two, Many Times!

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Now that you have a finely structured piece of persuasion in front of you, the final step to wrap it all up before you hit the “publish” button would be to proofread what you have written.

Even some of the most seasoned writers are prone to making mistakes every now and then! Don’t worry too much about making mistakes along the way as that will only hinder your writing process.

Proofread your article as many times as you want to until you’re confident with it. You can even get a friend or a colleague to go through it for you, just in case!

Start Writing!

Always remember that it’s never too late to venture into something you’ve always been passionate about! Making mistakes every now and then is only going to make you a better writer, provided the fact that you are open to criticism and improvement!

All you have to do is to stay leveled throughout the entire process and follow these 7 essential copywriting tips and you’re good to go!

For a much more wholesome insight to copywriting tips, check out this article!

Now that you know your dos and don’ts, what’s holding you back? Stop waiting and start writing!

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