Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media is the anchor of all our online behavior and a brand without social media presence. Harnessing the dynamic capabilities of social media marketing is vital in residing within your customer’s digital touch point.  Magnus Digital has the ability to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy for the Malaysian market and beyond. We have Blueprint certified executives that can be hired as social media consultants or even conduct 360° management of your social media page, with a main focus towards driving traffic and conversion.

Social Media Marketing & Management
Analysis & Research


There are many factors that contribute to a successful Social Media page. Some major aspects of this include search engine optimization, quality engagement, relevant reach and many more. Our team of social media experts is able to analyze and research the best practices that will enhance your social media presence, keeping informed with the major changes that drive a successful page. We have extensive experience with Social Media management in Malaysia that will allow us to craft the best strategy to target and occupy the relevant conversation to drive traffic and conversion to your business. 


Optimizing your social media marketing process for the Malaysian or global market begins with selecting the relevant platform for your business. This process is, of course, inextricably tied to your business objectives, which may include brand awareness, lead generation, or even customer service. With these factors in mind, our team will look into your competitive landscape to advise the ideal social media platform for your business to grow in.

Content Generation
Content Generation


Everyone knows that content is king. What people forget to mention is that good content reigns supreme. Good content in the digital sense means content that is engaging. With so much to choose from, users are quick to click next if your content does not resonate with your audience. At Magnus Digital, we are focused on generating high quality content and compelling images that will connect with your target audience, all of which will be measureable, allowing us to calibrate and fine-tune your social media content marketing strategy for the best business results.


A comprehensive social media management plan comes with a tight publishing, scheduling and sharing process. We understand the fast-paced conditions of the digital world and have the resources to meet all its requirements. As a social media marketing company in Malaysia, our strategy can be either localized or globalized, taking into account post frequency, timing and audience behavior, ensuring that we get the most effective results from the social media marketing we undertake for your brand.

Publishing, Scheduling & Sharing
Content Promotion


Content is worthless unless it is being promoted towards the correct audience on the correct platform. Every social media strategy we craft will take into consideration the best methods to ensure that relevant parties share our content, allowing it to reach your intended audience. Depending on scope and resources, we can partner with networks that will seed your content towards your ideal customer.


Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for any business, enabling your brand to penetrate a wide-range of markets with a multitude of filters for accurate targeting. Magnus Digital is able to help your brand structure a holistic Facebook Ad Campaign, utilizing the different ad sets available on the platform. As a Facebook marketing agency, we can provide creative solutions for budget allocation/reallocation, multiple ad creations for A/B testing and provide measureable results.

Let us be the command center for your Facebook ad management. This includes helping you identify the right target audience for your business, whether its for traffic, engagement or conversion. We are also able to retarget your advertising to relevant audiences and even track activities on your websites by installing Facebook pixel. Target lookalike audiences based on the data mined from the revolutionary Facebook Pixel program.  Magnus Digital will manage your ads using a marketing funnel that will drive potential customers to your main objective.


Facebook Ads Campaigns Management
Reporting & Performance


Upon completion of a successful Facebook campaign or always-on content marketing, Magnus Digital provides a comprehensive social media reporting of KPIs and metrics. This will provide you with an overview of the campaign performance. Uncover follower retention rates, traffic and conversions, conversations participations and social reach. Finally, track the performance of each asset of your social media marketing campaign to see what is driving traffic and conversions and what isn’t. This will allow you to fine-tune future campaigns, ensuring a strategy that will drive success.

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