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The BIG Group

Company Background

The BIG Group presents a collective group of food & beverage enthusiast that aim to bring the latest & greatest cuisines across Klang Valley among other locations for foodies all over.  

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Having websites that are user interactive with an organized manner of showcasing the various types of F&B outlets under The BIG Group.

The knowledge and experience to manage the websites while implementing further upgrades to enhance website experience.



To revamp its existing website to become more engaging while having a good mix of information pertaining different F&B outlets that is clear and relevant for users. 

To have a high performing hosting platform to support high web traffic in order to enhance website experience. 



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Digital Services

Hosting Migration

Website Customization

Website Development

Website Maintenance

Digital Strategies

Hosting migration was done to provide faster loading speed and greater security to ensure minimal downtime for the website. 

The web files and folders were rearranged and organized to ensure easier accessibility & management; inactive files and folders across microsites were removed to protect the website from security threats. 

A separate Magento E-Commerce platform, , was managed where improvements were made such as rearranging product categories, customizing a system that allows users to order based on product features, implementing gift cards and collection points. 


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The website operations can now be managed easily especially across inquiries received from vacancy applications, event inquiries and most importantly, booking reservations that is saved into the database to be retrieved. 

The website was effectively integrated with social media channels of all F&B Outlets to connect with user interest relating to each outlet. 

The Magento E-Commerce platform was equipped with smooth processes that enabled easy yet engaging shopping experiences where customers enjoy the detailed product info accompanied with efficient step by step checkout processes. 


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Hosting Migration
Website Customization
Website Development
Website Maintenance